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Getting unnerved about Printer Installation and often frustrated with the Setup process then give us a call at 123hp-setup Printer Support for obtaining instant relief.

Our Printer Experts are well trained and highly committed towards providing the right solution for Printer Support and Setup procedures. Get to know the latest of Printer Manuals and its operations from the Printer Support team. We offer a step-by-step guideline especially to our HP Customers for resolving each and every type of Printer Issues.

Troubleshoot Printer Support

We don’t bypass any issue or give in a second chance on repairing HP Printers. Hence you can scarcely find any comment that is incorrect in our 123hp-setup.net website. Our Printer Support team is expertise in solving every kind of HP Printer issues regardless of its severity. Usually we provide support for Printer Installation and Setup, ePrint Service, AirPrint Setup and changing Network Connections.

We try to make the printer issue easily comprehend able for our HP Customers with insights that follow up with the 123hp-setup.net Support Webpage. We also do with the general installation and test print procedure for both Windows and Macintosh Users. Our Printer Support team can setup a Local Wireless Network and its extended version Auto-wireless Network in quick time. Go to 123hp-setup.net and then find for yourself some of the lucid and clear exponents of Printer Installation, Setup and Driver Install steps.

Setup your HP wireless printer:

HP Wireless Printers are powerful and versatile in Setup at a remote location. Hence it provides you with the right kind of mobility sharing over the Mobile, Tablet and Notebook devices. All of the HP Printers are inherently a self-configurable device that establishes a connection to wireless network.

Problem in configuring ePrint:

Initially try to check for the availability of HP ePrint Service in the wireless printer. Get the default printer’s email address and then complete the registration in HP Connected website. Now you can configure the ePrint Service and also update the software to its latest version.

Out-of-date and defective Print Drivers:

Generally Print Drivers that are older versions are ineffective and usually is not compatible in Windows Systems. Best thing about finding a corrupt print driver is that they need to be detected from the Operating System to confirm on it. Now go to 123hp-setup.net and then download the appropriate Printer Driver to resolve driver issues.

Trouble Installing HP Printer Driver:

In most of the HP Printers, driver installation is incomplete in its first attempt and it does require the additional installation procedures. This is usually accomplished over the Windows OS and effectively installs printer driver successfully. Alternately run the Network Setup driver from the HP Printer series CD and then install the HP Printer Driver.

Slow Print Speed:

It may be due to many reasons for the printer to function slowly. By default this is definitely related to the complexity of the print document whether it be graphics or draft prints. There is no dependency on the print speed when considering different types of Printer Network Connections. However, if printer software and driver is ineffective then you cannot achieve any higher print speed.

Duplexer Paper Feed Issue:

Definitely this issue is created on malfunctioning of Duplexer Feeder that is present within the Printer internally. Duplex Feeder enables in fetching the paper from the Input tray and then passing it on to the print carriage. A fast duplexing process result in disrupting the hp print operation and then creates a paper jam. Otherwise, the Input tray may not be closed properly and therefore the duplexer ends up feeding multiple papers.

Trouble configuring AirPrint Setup:

Learn about the limitations of AirPrint Setup and then try building a local wireless network. Your iPhone, iPod and iPad devices must be installed with the most appropriate version of AirPrint apps. Use a password for relay through network authentication method and then connect Apple devices securely.

Print Carriage paper jams:

Occasionally the HP Printer creates a paper jam that results in stalling the print carriage and Ink Cartridges from printing. Manually clear away the paper jams and then perform a Print Head Alignment test right from the printer control panel. Otherwise this could also be resolved through re-installing HP Printer Software and henceforth prevent the noisy, disruptive operation of your printer definitively.

HP Printer Setup In-compatible:

Often HP Users find it difficult to add a printer to their computer regardless of the connectivity. In case the printer is USB or cable connected then try to re-establish the connection to the computer and then make it compatible for printing. Since all the HP Printers are Plug-and-Play supported try to make use of the automatic pop-up setup wizard program. If printer is on Wireless connectivity then make sure that the wireless button is enabled ON and thereafter install the setup program directly from the printer installation disk.

Paper Jam error and Spooler issue:

Normally the paper jams occur at infrequent times and is not a severe error to solve. Observe for the paper jam error message and then try to solve it from the control panel itself. Directly use the Cancel and Resume buttons that is present in the control panel to deal with the paper jam issues. If paper jam is due to the printer software failure then go ahead and perform a printer power reset procedure and eventually clear away the generated print queue lists.


Learn how to go about with the HP Printer Setup, Installation and Configuration on Windows

HP Printer Setup on Windows:

HP Printer Setup achieved on Windows Operating System is a regular practice followed by HP Customers simply for its ease procedures. Try to load the printer installation disk within the external CD drive and then run the Setup file. This should get you on to the automatic follow-up settings instruction and then enable you to specify the printer name and its connectivity settings. Get the printer setup procedures from the 123hp-setup.net website and also find for the appropriate printer driver for downloads.


Over-whelmed in setup HP Printer on Macintosh then go to 123hp-setup.net to find for more details

HP Printer Setup on Macintosh:

HP Printer Setup on Macintosh system is much similar as Windows printer setup and most certainly require a printer installation disk for establishing the connection to computer. Considerably this Printer Setup is accomplished only after going through the test print process. Ensure that you select the correct printer in the print dialog and then change hp print settings to effectively utilize the HP Printer Setup. In addition you can directly download the printer software and driver from 123hp-setup.net and then run the setup file. Follow the instructions to successfully finish the printer setup.


Now you can mobile print from anywhere and the HP Printer offers the numerous compatibility on Smartphone

HP Printer on Smartphones Connectivity:

Most of the HP Printers are Web enabled and also includes the free membership on HP Connected. Now get a list of pre-formatted web contents absolutely free of cost and go on to hp print instant tickets, coupons and forms. Simply connect the Smartphone to Wireless Printer through Wi-Fi access and then eliminate the network hassles. Install a compatible version of HP Smart AiO apps in your smartphone and then start to send email attachments for mobile printing.

HP Windows 10 Support

Most of the HP Printers are Web enabled and also includes the free membership on HP Connected. Now get a list of pre-formatted web contents absolutely free of cost and go on to hp print instant tickets, coupons and forms. Simply connect the Smartphone to Wireless Printer through Wi-Fi access and then eliminate the network hassles. Install a compatible version of HP Smart AiO apps in your smartphone and then start to send email attachments for mobile printing.

HP Printers have one of the easiest of installation methods while connected on Windows 10 OS. Now you can effectively use the HP Printer and then get print tasks done at once. We provide you the complete guidelines in our website 123hp.setup.net for setting up your HP Printer.

We always elaborate the printer setup on a step-by-step procedure right from un-boxing the printer setup till installing Ink Cartridges. Completely install the printer software using the installation disk and then finish printer setup. This might take some time and in case you are in a rush then give us a call and then quickly accomplish the HP Printer Setup.

HP AirPrint Setup

Now get to configure up to 5 Apple mobiles to your HP Wireless Printer and then begin to print on your own terms. AirPrint apps can be accessed from any of the iPhone, iPod and iPad devices by default.

HP AirPrint Support

HP AirPrint Setup is a Wi-Fi Compatible, driverless print feature that is well adapted on Mac and iOS Systems. Most of the HP Wireless Printers are present with Wi-Fi Direct access and this makes the AirPrint operations a lot easier. You can now actually change the print settings from an iPhone device and then wireless print high quality Photos. Ensure that the control panel Wi-Fi Direct access is enabled with the LED light glowing steadily.

Remember to install the AirPrint Setup in the nearest proximity of a Local Wireless Network. If your wireless printer is not AirPrint compatible then there is a definite a security lapse and therefore connect HP Printer on USB, Ethernet Cables to the desired Computer.

HP Cloud Print Setup

HP Cloud Print feature is a driverless print option that requires both the ePrint and Cloud Print Servers. Now you can improve the mobility of the HP Wireless Printer and then print from anywhere.

HP Google Cloud Print Setup

HP Google Cloud Print is a free service that provides the freedom of roaming for your HP Printer. Now connecting your wireless printer to a computer is so easy and doesn’t even necessitate a print driver installation. You can send a cloud print from a cloud enabled mobile and application regardless of the Operating System installed.

HP Google Cloud Printer is a driverless print network that universally accepts different types of printers only after registering to Google Cloud Print page. You can use either a default printer email address or a gmail address to get the cloud print access. Make use of the print preview screen and then go ahead to program the print settings to get the professional quality for your printouts.

HP ePrint Setup

HP ePrint Setup provide the basic element for establishing a remote printer setup and then Print On the Go convenience. Call us to find out more about ePrint Services

HP Printer ePrint Setup

HP ePrint Service is a web enabled printing technology that comes up with a default email address access. Go to the printer control panel and then find for web services settings to get the ePrint email address. In case you have to register the wireless printer code to HP Connected and then get the ePrint Email address then begin with printing the information page.

Now your ePrint Setup is well secured and certainly provides the footprint on email printing techniques. You can connect to the HP ePrint Setup from a cloud enabled Computer, Laptop, Smartphone and Tablet devices. An advantage of ePrint Setup is its innate ability in building an Enterprise Cloud Print Network.