Learn how to install HP Printer without using a CD on your Windows computer or laptop. The printer is supplied with a CD with software and driver by default. The majority of software is outdated. Follow the steps provided for installing the HP Printer without a CD.



  1. Turn to HP Printer.
  2. If connected to the printer, disconnect the USB.
  3. Go to on any computer browser.
  4. To start the download on your computer, click on HP Easy Start.
  5. Go to Downloads on your computer and double-click on the file you download.
  6. A popup window will be displayed.
  7. Click Continue, Run or Yes to allow your computer to change software.
  8. Now connect your computer to the flat end of the USB cable and the square end to the printer.
  9. Review the licensing agreements and statements on the user agreement screen and select the check box to agree to the terms.
  10. Choose Continue.
  11. The screen displays printers connected to the network or computer automatically.
  12. If the printer you want to install is not displayed, select My Printer is not displayed to identify your printer.
  13. The installer now connects the computer to the printer.
  14. HP Easy Start searches for the latest printer drivers and software.
  15. The printer software extracts and opens automatically with the download complete.
  16. You can customize your software installation by choosing Customize Software Selections on the Software Selection screen.
  17. Choose Next.
  18. To set personal preferences and information, read and respond to the remaining screens.
  19. Select Finish with the complete 123 hp printer setup.
  20. Your printer is ready to operate now.
  21. With the above steps, you connected your HP printer without using a CD to your windows computer.


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