Full Fix – Printer is running a blank page between each page printed

Printer is running a blank page

We often print different documents, but some users report that their printer runs a blank page between each page. This can be an agonizing problem and we’ll show you how to correct it in today’s article.

Problems with your printer can be quite annoying at times, and when talking about printer problems, some common problems are reported by users:

Extra paper sheet when printing–this is usually caused by your drivers and you need to reinstall and update your printer drivers to fix this problem.

Printer prints a blank page after every job – the problem may be your solenoid if you have this problem. Open your printer and clean the solenoid to fix the problem.

Brother print prints extra blank page–this problem can sometimes be caused by the configuration of your printer. Switch off the separator option in the printing properties to fix the problem.

Printer printing Epson, HP, and Canon blank pages–This problem can affect almost any printer brand and try some of our solutions if you have this problem on your printer.

The printer runs a blank page between each page, how can it be fixed?

  • Reinstall your printer driver Update your drivers
  • Make sure your cartridges are clean
  • Uncheck print header / footer option


Solution 1 –Reinstall your printer driver Uncheck print header / footer option

If your printer runs a blank page between each printed page, the problem is most likely If your driver is broken, it could lead to this problem.


  1. To fix the problem, users suggest reinstalling your printer driver. This is pretty easy to do and you can do it by following these steps:
  2. Disconnect and turn off your printer.
  3. Device Manager Open.
  4. Press Windows Key + X to do this and select
  5. Device Manager from the list.
  6. Win+x Blank Printer Menu Page

Locate your printer driver, right – click it and select un-install.

  • Uninstall the blank device page between each printed page
  • Check Remove driver software for this device if available and click Uninstall.
  • Uninstall blank page between each printed page Restart your PC once you uninstall the printer driver.
  • Once the PC is restarted, connect and turn on your printer.
  • Windows will try to install your printer’s default driver.


If the default driver has been installed, check whether the problem remains. If the problem still exists or the driver has not been installed, proceed to the next solution.

Solution 2 –Update your drivers

Sometimes outdated drivers may cause printer problems, and if the printer runs a blank page between each printed page, we advise you to update the latest version of your printer driver and check if this helps.

To do this, simply visit the website of the manufacturer and download the latest drivers for your printer model. To do this, you must know the right printer model and which drivers to download.


If this sounds a little complicated to you, there are many great tools from third parties that can help you. TweakBit Driver Updater is great software and will update with just a few clicks all your drivers on your PC. This tool is approved by Microsoft and Norton Antivirus and protects your system from serious malfunctions caused by the incorrect driver version installation.


  • Our team concluded after a number of tests that this is the best automated solution. This tool can be used here:
  • Download and install TweakBit Driver Updater driver Start Window Once installed, the program will automatically scan your PC for outdated drivers.
  • Driver Updater checks your installed driver versions against the latest versions of its cloud database and recommends the correct updates.

All you have to do is waiting until the scan finishes. Automated driver update tool When you finish scanning, you get a report on all problem drivers found on your PC. Review the list and see whether you want each driver to be updated individually or at once.

Click the “Update Driver ” link next to the driver name to update one driver at a time. Or simply click the ‘ Update all ‘ button at the bottom to install all the recommended updates automatically. Automatically Update

Note: Some drivers need to be installed in several steps so that you have to press the ‘ Update’ button several times until all its components are installed.

Solution 3 –Make sure your cartridges are clean

If you use an ink – jet printer, your cartridges may be the problem. According to users, your cartridges can sometimes be blocked and this leads to this problem. To fix the problem, it is advisable to clean them carefully with a soft cloth. Check if the problem still exists after cleaning the cartridges.

Solution 4 –Performs a self – cleaning process

We recommend repairing for various PC problems common error protection against file loss malware aftermath fixing corrupted files replace missing files performance optimization.

Find and fix Windows errors automatically This is pretty easy to do and just go to the printer control panel and press and hold the Go button for approximately 3 seconds until all the lights are on your printer. Once the lights are on, the go button is released.

Once the process has been completed, check if the problem still exists. We must mention that this process is different for each printer, so you may have to do some research or check your instruction manual to see how this procedure can be performed.


Solution 5 –Clean your solenoid tray

According to users, if the printer runs a blank page between each printed page, there may be a problem with your solenoid tray. Sometimes these solenoids can get sticky and use more paper than your printer needs. To solve the problem, you must open your printer and find and clean the two solenoids.

You may also want to clean the solenoid for duplexer. We must warn you that this is an advanced procedure and, unless you know your printer and its components fairly well, we suggest that you contact a professional. It is also worth mentioning that this process will void your warranty, so it might be best to send the device to the official repair center if the device is still under warranty.

Solution 6 –Make sure the separator function is not enabled


Many printers support separators, and you will print a blank page between each printer page using this feature. However, this function can be easily deactivated with the printer properties. To do this, follow the following steps:


  • Open control panel.
  • Press Windows Key + S to do this and enter the control panel.
  • Now select Control Panel from the Results list.
  • Control panel blank page between each printed page
  • Navigate to devices and printers when the Control Panel opens.
  • Locate your printer, click it right and select Print preferences.
  • Printing Blank Page Printer Preferences
  • Go to the Paper tab and see Separators option there.
  • Set it to No Separators and save modifications.
  • After this feature is disabled, the problem needs to be solved and everything starts to work again.


Solution 7 –Turn off advanced printing features According to users, the problem may be with the printer properties if the printer runs a blank page between each printed page. The advanced printing functions can apparently interfere with your printer and cause this problem, but you can disable them by doing the following:


  • Open Devices and Printer panel as shown in the previous solution.
  • Locate your printer, click it right and choose the preferences of the printer.
  • Go to the advanced tab and deactivate all functions.
  • Save changes and check if the problem still exists.


Solution 8 –Check out the print header / footer option Sometimes this problem may appear when printing Google Chrome documents. If your printer runs a blank page between each printed page, this may be caused by the print header / footer feature.


  1. To fix this problem, simply deactivate this option during Chrome printing.
  2. If the problem is still there, it is possible that your extensions cause the problem.
  3. To fix the problem, you should deactivate all extensions and check whether this solves the problem.
  4. To do this, follow these steps: Click the menu in the top right corner and select More tools > Extensions.
  5. Chrome extensions printing blank page printing preferences
  6. Disable all listed extensions by clicking the switch next to each extension.
  7. Disable blank page extensions between each printed page
  8. After the extensions have been disabled, restart Chrome and check whether the problem still exists.
  9. If the problem does not appear, allow extensions one by one until the problem can be recreated. If the problem is still there, you may want to reset Chrome to the default and check if the problem is solved.

Printing problems can be quite problematic, and if your printer runs a blank page between each printed page, the problem is most likely related to your drivers.


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