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About HP Envy 4500 Printer

HP Envy 4500 is designed to be an Thermal InkJet multi-tasking Printer that can print, copy and scan documents. The specialty of this All-in-One is its innate ability to print Photos and Documents. HP Envy control panel is built using a 2.65 inches touch screen monochrome display for operating the printer efficiently. HP Envy 4500 is integrated with the wireless feature that offers the mobility for its users to print from anywhere. Now you can wireless print fast without much of a delay. Furthermore your printer is ideally compatible for 2-sided print and copy documents.

Scan Document

HP Scanner requires the printer software to be installed and get the digital Image captured accurately. Now store the scanned document to computer with the vast freedom to editable text option. Initiate the Scan from the control panel and then at once attach it to an email for instant transfer.

Inkjet printer

HP InkJet Printer is designed using drop-on-demand print head technology that permits high quality prints on to paper. Due to its compact size this printer finds its place in most of the Home and Office environments.

Color printing

HP Envy 4500 wireless can print in black, white and color that resembles of the original quality, offers the remote setup convenience. Now you can save up to 50% on Ink by simply enrolling in to the HP Instant Ink program. Get the HP Ink Cartridges delivered to you even before HP Envy runs out of Ink.

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HP Envy 4500 printer setup Windows 10 OS

In the Windows run menu try to enter Add Printer and then begin the search. Once the window pane appears try to select the radio button Add a Network Wireless or Bluetooth Printer option. Ensure that you select the check mark Use an Existing Port. While using a USB connect then according change the radio button selection to Add a USB Printer. Follow through the installation steps and then provide a printer name and thereafter install driver successfully. It is a good practice to update the windows OS and then perform a system reboot to find for the installed HP Envy 4500 software within Win OS start menu.

  • Initially try to get the HP Envy 4500 wireless printer out of the container box
  • Connect power and USB cable to HP Envy Printer. Press the power button in the control panel
  • Usually the HP Envy 4500 is built with a hi-resolution touch screen panel that includes some of the press buttons
  • Tear off the protective cover from the HP Ink Cartridge and then remove its plastic flap for installation
  • Install the ink cartridges by unpacking from the package.
  • Follow the color coded notations within the cartridge slots to install the pair of HP Tri-color and Black Ink Cartridges. Make sure the cartridges are slide until it clicks to its slots
  • Close the cartridge tab and also the access door
  • Go to 123.hp.com/envy4500 and then download the required drivers for an wireless setup.
  • You may also find for the installation disk present in the printer box and then install software
  • Make sure you specify the Printer Name and its USB connection for achieving successful installation
  • Open a document and then send a test print job to HP Envy 4500. If you receive the printout at the output tray then this confirm with the USB settings saved within Windows OS

HP Envy 4500 printer setup Mac

Generally the HP Envy 4500 Printer Setup is carried out from the Mac Systems Preferences. Open the printer and scanner settings to click Add a Printer sign button. The result of this printer setup is a list of generic printers found over the screen. Select HP Envy printer name and the 4500 series number from the right side window pane. This should certainly get the HP Printer connected to a Mac computer. Follow the given below steps to accomplish the printer setup.

  • Make sure the HP Envy 4500 is built-in with the required printer software and drivers
  • Open a web browser and then go to 123.hp.com/setup page and then click search bar
  • Now enter the printer model and its series to hit Go button
  • Download the most suitable printer driver and then run the Auto Setup program
  • Follow the screen instructions and click Next button. Now connect the USB cable to printer and the other end to computer so that Mac system can update the printer driver
  • Over the installer prompt try to specify USB connection and then click Next button.
  • Progress through the setup wizard and then finish the HP Printer Setup
  • Now you can try to Update the Mac OS from the apple menu bar
  • Perform a Mac reboot and then observe for the presence of HP Envy 4500 Printer in the printers and scanner folder.
  • Now, Begin Envy 5410 Printer Installation.

HP Envy 4500 Wireless Setup for Mac OS

Place the HP Envy 4500 near to the Mac computer. Easy establish the wireless setup using the HP Printer Software installed in your Mac. Get the HP Envy 4500 Wireless Setup accomplished in two different ways namely the HP Wireless Setup Wizard and Wireless Setup using a USB connection method.

HP Wireless Setup Wizard

  • Open the HP Envy 4500 menu panel and then run wireless setup wizard
  • Observe the screen for a list of wireless network to appear. Now Touch to select the desired router
  • Furnish the WEP Key and then complete the network authentication method
  • Follow the screen instructions to finish the wireless setup wizard

Wireless Setup using the USB connection methods

  • Click Apple menu and then open the HP Envy 4500 software application
  • Click Setup menu tab and then select connect printer to a web
  • Now specify a printer name and then click Next button. Also get the USB cable detached from printer end
  • Ensure that you select wireless network in the screen prompter and then click Next button
  • Now provide the WPA Passphrase text to click Next button
  • Progress through the auto installer steps and then finish the wireless setup

Quick Steps to troubleshoot a wireless connection:

  • HP Envy 4500 should be compulsorily configured to the 802.11 b/g/n network
  • Also check for the computer to be wireless network connected
  • Make a note of the Service Set Identifier and Wired
    Equivalent Privacy Key so that your printer can be connected to the Internet and then updated software

How to get uninterrupted printing:

  • If in case you need to change the wireless network connection then accomplish it through HP Envy 4500 printer software. You can specify the type of reset wireless connection over the installer and thus finish the wireless setup.
  • Make sure to enable the WPS Push Button in the router and henceforth establish the HP Envy 4500 WPS Setup
  • In some of the rare instances your printer may not get configured successfully. Then follow the given below steps to achieve HP Envy 4500 Wireless Setup

Change USB connection to wireless network:

  • Begin to install HP Printer Assistant to windows OS and then click Tools menu
  • Click the Devices Setup and Software tab and then select the radio button Change USB connection to Wireless
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to select the printer model and then specify the wireless connection. Disengage the USB cable from the printer end
  • Click Next button and then enter the WEP key to connect to a Internet service