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How to setup HP Deskjet 4720

Compact design

HP comes out with range of Deskjet printers that are compact in design and occupies much less space in your home or office. 123.hp.com/dj4720 printer is no exception and one of the sought after Deskjet printers of all time for its extra ordinary performance and top class output. You can print, copy, scan and fax documents through this printer.

How to setup HP Deskjet 4720

Wireless connection

If there are any error messages displayed on the 123.hp.com/dj4720 printer software, then re-solve the problem by following the instructions displayed on screen.If your computer is connected to the printer via USB cable, then disconnect and reconnect the cable. If a wireless connection is established, the check if the connection is working or not.

How to setup HP Deskjet 4720

Connect Ethernet

If you want to establish network connection between your computer and HP Deskjet 4720 printer and not with any other devices, you need to go for Ethernet cable. Connect the wide end of the Ethernet cable to the modem and then connect the other end of the cable to the printer. Now, enjoy an uninterrupted internet connection. 123.hp.com/dj4720.

How to setup HP Deskjet 4720

HP Deskjet 4720 Windows setup

Before setting up your HP Deskjet 4720 printer on a working wireless network, make sure you have installed the original printer driver and software from the HP website or through the CD/DVD provided by HP. At the time of installation, choose Wireless as the connection type and follow the below mentioned steps.


  • A laptop or desktop that supports wireless networking
  • A working wireless connection with a router.
  • Network name (SSID)
  • WEP key or WPA passphrase.

How to connect the printer?

  • On the 123.hp.com/dj4720 printer’s control panel, push the Wireless button followed by the Settings option.
  • Now, scroll through the options to select Wireless Setup Wizard. Select OK.
  • Follow the on screen prompts to setup the connection.
  • Insert the software CD that came with the printer in the computer/laptop.
  • Now, follow the instructions displayed on screen to complete the installation process.

How to connect a new printer?

  • Perform one of the following tasks based the operating system you use.
  • Windows 8: Right click on any empty area on your Start screen. Navigate to the appbar to click on All Apps. Now, you need to click and open the folder that has yourprinter’s name.
  • Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP: Start — >All Programs – ->HP – ->HP Deskjet 4720
  • Choose Printer Setup & Software.
  • From the list of options available, tap on Connect a new printer.
  • Follow the onscreen prompts to connect a new printer.

How to setup HP Deskjet 4720

DJ 4720 Mac setup

Press the Information button and hold it for at least 3 seconds. Now, the start guide page will be printed which will help you connect the printer wirelessly.

How to set up the wireless connection using the HP printer software?

If you are yet to install your HP Deskjet 4720 printer, use the CD that came in with the printer to install it and follow the steps below.

OS X: On the software CD, double-click on HP Installer option and perform the following tasks.

  • Open the Hewlett Packard folder and double click on the HP Utility icon located in the Applications folder.
  • Select Setup New Device from the Devices menu and then follow the on-screen instructions.
  • After your HP Deskjet 4720 printer is successfully connected to the wireless network, the blue light on your printer blinks and then remains switched on.

How to change from an Ethernet connection to a wireless connection (OS X)?

  • Connect your 123.hp.com/dj4720 printer to the wireless network.
  • Go to the Applications/Hewlett Packard/ Device Utilities folder and change the connection to wireless using the HP Setup Assistant option.

How to change from a USB connection to a wireless network (OS X)?

  • Switch on the wireless network and then connect your network to it.
  • Open the Applications/Hewlett-Packard/Device Utilities folder and then make use of HP Setup Assistant to change the connection from USB to wireless.

How to change from a wireless connection to a USB or Ethernet connection (OS X)?

  • Firstly, add your HP Deskjet 4720 printer to the print queue.
  • Now, click and open System Preferences.
  • Based on the operating system you use, go to the Hardware section and then select Print &Fax, Print & Scan or Printers & Scanners.
  • Tap on the plus (+) icon that appears below the list of printers at the left hand corner.
  • From the list of printers available, select the one you want and then click Add.

How to setup HP Deskjet 4720