You must connect your printer to the Ethernet cable from the router for users wishing to connect your printer via a LAN or other wired networks. Ensure that you have properly connected the Ethernet cable. You can find a port to connect the Ethernet cable in your printer. Connect the cable end to the printer port and the network router to another end. Download the printer driver once the connection is complete.




To download the printer driver, follow the steps given You can download and install the official HP printer software from 123.hp.com/setup for your HP printer.

  1. First, go to 123.hp.com/setup
  2. Second, type your printer model number in the search bar and click Search
  3. Now you have a list of drivers and software displayed in the screen
  4. From the list of available drivers and software, you have to select the corresponding printer.
  5. Click the Download button now.
  6. The download will start automatically in a few seconds.
  7. After the download has been completed, you must install the printer.

To install the printer software, make sure your printer is connected to a network or network connection. Install the software on your computer or laptop after downloading. Follow the steps given for installing the driver and software on your laptop.



  1. Go to the download menu on your computer/laptop and select the setup package that you have downloaded.
  2. Then double-click the package to open it or right – click the package to open it. There’s a dialog box.
  3. To continue installing, click yes or Run. You will now see a 123 connection screen in your monitor.
  4. Click on the Software Selection Page to continue.
  5. It is recommended that you choose the custom software selection from the software selection page.
  6. Now you have to click the check boxes to agree to the terms and select Next to start installing the HP printer software.
  7. You will install all your software and drivers on your computer.
  8. Wait until the installation is finished.
  9. Choose the connection type “Wired Network “at the end of the driver installation.
  10. Click OK to finish the setup.
  11. After you install your printer successfully, you must restart your computer now.





You can set up and manage the wireless connection of your printer using the printer control panel. You can also view and modify network settings and switch on or off the wireless. Settings such as link speed, IP configuration, default gateway and firewall configuration should not be changed.

Steps to print network settings

  1. To display the network status screen, click the Wireless icon.
  2. Then select Print information to print the network settings page.
  3. You can also follow these steps to print network settings
  4. Click Tools > Network Configuration Report

Steps To change IP settings

  • Click on the Wireless option and select Settings
  • Go to Advanced Settings > IP Settings

You will receive a warning message like the one shown in the “Warn that changing the IP address will remove the printer from the network“dialog box.

  • To change the settings, set the following details manually as per your network settings.
  • IP Address Subnet Mask Default Gateway DNS Address Use wired cables (LAN / Ethernet) to connect your HP printer.
  • Check out our chat box for customer support if you still find it difficult to connect Ethernet / LAN cables to your printer.
  • Our 123.hp.com/setup technology experts help you set up your printer.




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