Your printer is compatible with mobile printing technology especially through iPhone, iPad and iPod devices. Now you have the freedom to print text, photo and documents over the wireless channel without your direct presence. AirPrint Setup is one of the fastest cloud print network establishment that can be achieved from iPhone. Now you can print, scan & capture document without network 5820.


It is a free web service that can be found on your control panel. Simply press the ePrint button to initiate the web service. Get the Information page printed to know on the ePrint email address and its status. You can send an email with attachment to the ePrint email address to print on demand. Get more number of free web services by SignIn HP Connected.

Color Print

Your Thermal InkJet Printer is well efficient of printing on colors without slowing down. You can go ahead and print large number of color copies since your printer is provided with a replenish-able ink tank system. The HP Ink that is utilized is an drop-on-demand type and so they have the ability to print reliable & unique colors 5820. 5820 Unboxing 5820 Printer 5820

Wireless Setup Guide

HP DeskJet 5820 is present with a Wi-Fi Protected Setup for establishing the wireless connectivity. You can either use a Push button Method or PIN Method to instantly establish the cloud print network. Press the Wireless button on the control panel until the wireless light starts blinking. First of all try to configure the Wireless 802.11b/g/n card over the Router automatically. Select the desired wireless router and then press the WPS Push button on router. If the control panel Wireless light stops blinking and then starts glowing steadily, then you may try to connect printer using smart phone setup. On this wireless setup now you can configure mobile devices in a lot.

Similarly you can setup the printer wireless connectivity using the PIN Method. Press the Wireless button on the control panel and then switch ON power for your wireless router. Open the Router software and then enter the PIN to enable WPS Router Setup. Your printer is an self-configurable device and so they get connected to Router in about 2 minutes time duration. This can be inferred by the control panel wireless light that glows steadily. Now enable the WPS feature on your Mobile to get connected to your printer more securely.You can download software and driver from 5820 or

Tips & Tricks Printer

Initially begin to check for the correct paper size that is being loaded. Ensure to unlock the ink valve present on the ink tank system. You should fill the ink tank completely in order to use the Thermal InkJet Print Head efficiently. The Print Settings that is changed now is in no way will affect your basic Copy & Scan task.

Printer Settings Tips:
  • Open the HP Printer Software to change the default print settings. Click the Print & Scan menu and then click Set Preferences button to open the print preferences window
  • On the Layout tab try to locate the Pages per Sheet drop-down button and then select the number of pages
  • For changing Advanced Settings you should enable Paper/Quality tab and then click Advanced
  • Now you can Print in Grayscale, At Maximum DPI, Booklet, Duplexing & Borderless Printing
  • Once you have made all the changes in your print preferences then create a Preset Name and then click the printer title to save a shortcut icon
  • Use the preview screen to confirm on the print settings and then to make some small corrections for you to print documents immediately