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123 HP Printers Setup Select a method to identify your HP printer model, and then follow the on-screen instructions to go to the download page.

123 HP Printers Setup - The Copy menu on the printer's control panel allows users to select several number of documents/photos to copy on plain paper.

123 HP Setup - Scanning is the process of creating a digital copy of the document/photo and which can be saved for a long time.

123 HP Printer's Setup - Make sure that your computer, printer and router are switched on and your computer is connected to a working wireless internet connection.

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123 HP Com Printer Drivers/Software Installation Guide

Installation of Latest 123 HP Printer Driver Software is required. Using the driver installation CD attached with the printer. In general almost every computer and hardware manufacturers includes their driver CD. When installing your driver software's make sure that you are choosing right windows OS options. Drivers usually compatible with their own versions of windows that is running on your computer.

Steps to follow while installing HP Printer drivers through CD

1. Insert your Driver CD in to the CD ROM drive and go to HP Product Setup.
2. Select your printer model number
3. Click Download and then open, save or run to displayed to download the driver software to your computer.
4. Double click the driver files from downloads or simply you can find your files in Download folder launch the driver installation application:
5. Once it is done, it automatically opens in a new window on your browser and ask you for registration and activation.

Alternative Method:


Visit the HP Website and proceed with the following steps


1. Switch on your printer that already connected with your PC through USB cable.
2. On your computer open web browser and type support.hp.com and follow the below steps:

Step 1: Click the Menu "Software and Drivers" and start typing your printer model number (Available in your printer box) enter the model more and click 'Find My Product'
Step 2: The web browser list your printer name, click on the first option to proceed.
Step 3: Then look for your operating system and download the version by clicking on the 'Download' button.
Step 4: After download completes type 'Devices and Printers' in search box of your laptop or desktop computer and choose the connected printer from the list.

Hardware Installation and 123 HP Printer Setup:

Unpack your new printer and connect the connectivity cables without switching on the power strip. Make sure that you have connected all the cable before you turn on the power supply to avoid power issues with the device. After connecting all the cables as it is instructed in printer user guide, try to look for the power button in the printer, it can be find in front left side of the printer. For immediate support either start chat with our Printer Expects or Call us!

Printer Setup Guide:

Unpack Turn on the printer by pressing power button. Once it turned on it start making some noise since it is initialized for the first time, After few minutes you will be finding the screen that allows you to choose language, country/region select accordingly and tap OK button.

Step 1: After setting all these printer screen ask you to insert the cartridge. To insert the cartridge to the printer use the cutouts on the right and left sides of the printer to lift the top cover. Start inserting cartridge with tri color, also ensure that you are inserting right cartridge as it is mentioned in the back cover. Remove the tape that covers the electrical contacts between the ink nozzles by removing orange pull tab.

Step 2: When you load your printer cartridges, you can find the Tri colors and black cartridge strikers under the lock lever. Close the lock lever carefully by inserting right cartridge.

Step 3: Once it is done, your printer automatically recognizes that you have installed the genuine HP Cartridges to your printer. Also, you will be getting a message on control panel where you need to press OK to continue.

Step 4: After installing your cartridge, reload the paper in the tray. Paper can be any size (based on the printer it might vary) which is adjustable for different paper size. Your printer recognizes and prints the page that is set on adjustable slide in paper tray.

Step 5: After your page getting printed, you have to scan it by placing it on the scan glass above the printer cover/scanner lid. Follow the instruction carefully given on your user guide paper. After covering the scanner lid, printer screen will ask you to scan where you need to press OK. After the page is scanned you will be getting a message "ALIGNMENT SUCCESSFUL" in the control panel. Tab OK to continue.

Step 6: You can then connect your printer to your wireless connection through the software that enclosed with the printer or standalone through the printer itself. Network configuration might differ from printers to printers.

Step 7: Followed by this, use the scroll to "NOT NOW" and then tap "OK" again for software installation reminders. Your hardware setup is now completed. Start installing your printer software that attached with your printer.

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